About 關於

We are Oasis Bread of Life in Tian-Mu. Our name Oasis reflects our belief that Jesus Christ is the true “Oasis.” He is the living water that satisfies our deepest longings and brings healing, refreshment and renewal. This means that we are not just a place to visit but a place for people to encounter the living water that is Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son. We are a bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled community that serves both expats and Taiwanese.

們是天母靈糧堂。我們的英文名稱反映出耶穌基督是真正的「綠洲」。祂是滿足我們最深渴望的活水,唯有祂能帶來醫治、恢復、與更新。我們不單只是拜訪的地方,而是與這生命活水相遇的地方。這活水就是耶穌基督, 神的獨生子。我們以聖經為根基,基督為中心,聖靈充滿的團體,我們服事的對象包括外國人和本地人。

Oasis began as a fellowship group for expats from Bread of Life Church led by Pastor Ralph Jones. As the fellowship grew, she became her own church with a vision to serve both Expats and Taiwanese in 1998.  Throughout the years, God has been faithful to Oasis by bringing leaders with a genuine love for God and the people. We would like to give thanks specifically for those leaders that the Lord raised up to contribute to the foundations of Oasis, allowing her to continue God’s work and making her who she is today: Ralph Jones, Andy Houghton, Jon Wright, Jeff Taguchi, Dave Bielby, Andrew Shih and Joey Chen.

天母靈糧堂始於台北靈糧堂語言敬拜中心,專為外國人群體的團契,由鍾瑞夫牧師主領。在1998年,團契成長後,成為一個教會,其異象是服事外國人和本地人。在那些年間, 神一直對天母靈糧堂有信心,因為帶領的領導人,對於 神和人擁有真正的愛心。我們特別要感謝那些 神所興起的領導人,他們在天母靈糧堂奠基上的貢獻,使教會可以繼續地為 神工作,直到今天。他們是 Ralph Jones, Andy Houghton, Jon Wright, Jeff Taguchi, Dave Bielby, Andrew Shih and Joey Chen。

Hundreds of people in Taiwan and throughout the world have called Oasis their home through the years. Thanks to all the people who have contributed to the life and sustenance of Oasis throughout the years.