Contact Details & Location 聯繫方式位置

Tel: 02 2831 0299

Address: 10F, #55, Zhong-Cheng Road Sec 2, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan 111

We are on the 10th Floor of the Dayeh Takashimaya Department Store Building.

Only these three elevators go directly to the 10th Floor. On the 10th Floor you’ll see a parking lot, just turn the corner and you’ll find us!
只有這三部電梯能直達10樓. 若您到了十樓, 看到一個停車場, 在走幾步就到了!

By MRT and/or Taxi 搭捷運 和/或 計程車

Go to Zhishan MRT Station. Tell the taxi driver to take you to “Gao Dao Wu” Department Store.
搭捷運到芝山站. 搭計程車到大葉高島屋.

By MRT + uBike 搭捷運+uBike單車

Go to Zhishan MRT Station Exit 2. Rent a uBike and bike to “Lanya Park” and return the uBike. Walk to Takashimaya. For more information on uBike click here.
到捷運芝山站2號出口. 到站外租 uBike, 再騎 uBike 到蘭雅公園還車. 更多 uBike 訊息請點這裡.

By Bus 搭公車

Take 203, 206(alt), 267, 279, 285, 606, 616, 645, 645(alt), 646, 685, Red 12, Red 15(alt). Alight at Lanya Junior High School or Tianmu Baseball Stadium.
搭公車 203, 206(副), 267, 279, 285, 606, 616, 645, 645(副), 646, 685, 紅12, 紅15(副).在蘭雅國中或天母棒球場下車.

By Car 開車

Parking in Takashimaya is plentiful and convenient. Enter the parkade and drive up to the 10th floor. Parking in Takashimaya is 80NT/hour. If you have a Takashimaya credit card, you can get up to 5 hours free parking with validation.
在大葉高島屋停車很方便. 汽車可直接開到停車場十樓. 停車每小時80元. 憑高島屋聯名卡可享3-5小時停車優惠, 請至高島屋服務台折抵.